Kolkata bag


  • Length   : 35cm
  • Width     : 36cm
  • Depth     : 10cm
  • Strap      : Jute
  • Pocket   : No
  • Zip Lock : No
  • Line in    : No
  • Weight    : 172
  • Material  : Jute


A SPECIAL Kolkata bag with artistic doodles that brings Kolkata to life. If you love the city of Kolkata and want to carry a part of it wherever you go, this bag is exclusively made for you! Gift it to a loved one, or if you are just visiting, this bag will surely remind you of this beautiful city of Joy. Made out of Jute (a mixture of Jute and Suto), KSE Products are environment-friendly and also aid the artisans who carefully handcraft these bags for you.


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