Sage Earrings



The feature element of the Sage range is the reclaimed sari beads. Captured in freeform copper wrapping and accented with glass beads, the sari carries the stories of many women with it. Comes in necklace, bracelet and earrings. They can be ordered in a variety of prints and colours in a mixed order, or we can work with you for an order in the same hues. Talk to us about your particular requirements.

Please note that beads are chosen according to the saris available locally. Therefore each piece will vary in colour and sometimes shape of the bead. Although the photos will give you a good idea of what to expect, we will communicate with you as your ordered piece takes shape and will aim to accommodate any requirements you have.

All of Kiran’s earring hooks are hand forged and machine finished for quality. They are then polished with museum quality wax providing a barrier between the copper and your skin to minimise any reaction.

Earrings approx 1.5 in drop.


Hand forged bare copper clasp with seed bead embellishment, sari textile, accent beads based on design.

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To purchase within India, click here.
For international purchasing, e-mail $3.90 USD per pair.