About Us

Kiran Social Enterprises is a vocational training and employment centre for women from the slums in Kolkata, India.
We train ladies in the art of jewellery making, enabling them to develop a new vocation and become artisans in their own right.

We operate not just as a business and workshop, but as a community of support and hope. The word ‘Kiran’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘ray of light’. Our desire is to be a ray of light and hope in Kolkata.
So we’re not just about making jewellery. Kiran is about working with ladies from the slums who otherwise need to seek out hard work with long hours at what is usually well below living wage rates. We provide the opportunity for fairly paid, dignified work instead.
These have been shown to be an excellent means towards economic security for the poor. Kiran also has the broader aim of being an organisation that encourages and facilitates a variety of social enterprise projects. We want to work towards the transformation of urban poor communities and the empowerment of those with whom we work.
Workers at are paid at above fair trade minimum rates and are provided with medical insurance. The ladies have also encouraged and assisted in forming Self Help Groups (SHGs), which are savings groups where each member contributes a little each month to pool their combined savings and lend out to group members as needs arise.

Our Partners

We have a strong partnership with Kolkata City Mission (KCM). KCM is a local NGO that has a dedicated team working with the poor and underprivileged in the city of Kolkata.

The KCM team goes into the slums on a daily basis to teach kids, serve, and encourage families. Specific programs include; informal education centres designed to supplement children’s education, women’s empowerment program designed to help women to gain marketable job skills to help support their families, and kids club after school program designed to keep kids from the dangers of the street and provide them recreation which enable them to come out from emotional stress which they undergo every day. Kiran works closely with KCM in a number of ways and we donate a portion of our profits to support their projects in the slums.