Kiran Jewellery is composed of copper, textile, wood and glass to bring a distinct feel from our corner of the world here in Kolkata, India. We draw from a strong feminine presence in India’s history and recognise the diverse cultures represented here. Ancient, urban as well and a hint of tribal heritage can be found in our jewellery.


An important feature is the reclaimed sari.

Saris are recognised as one of the first unstitched garments recorded and can be dated back thousands of years.

At Kiran, we use reclaimed saris for their colour and rich embellishments, to celebrate the resilience, diversity and true beauty of the many many women the iconic sari represents. Copper, wooden beads and faceted glass are also widely featured.

Please note that beads are chosen according to the saris available locally. Therefore each piece will vary in colour and sometimes shape of the bead. Although the photos will give you a good idea of what to expect, we will communicate with you as your ordered piece takes shape and will aim to accommodate any requirements you have.